NMSI offers design, construct, operate and public works services necessary to deliver public water and wastewater systems that are tailored to local needs. 

NMSI has designed and constructed drainage, fresh water and waste water treatment installations for government customers, including uninterruptible water supplies using solar power generation, standby power systems and water storage tanks.

Working with leading consultants and design engineers, NMSI can assist with all aspects from design specifications, scoping of works to full operational requirements providing analytical, treatment and wastewater solutions spanning the entire water cycle. 



Key Aims:

- Securing water supplies for the future
- Improving the quality of drinking water
- Upgrading water treatment
- Water conservation and recycling
- Waste water treatment



Our boreholes are drilled to enable them to be upgraded to a fully integrated water system, from a hand-pump or standpipe with taps to piped water fed to individual compounds. 
Boreholes can be drilled more efficiently and more quickly, to tap into deeper aquifers, avoiding the challenges facing traditional open wells, which are at risk of not consistently providing water during dry months. 
Boreholes can provide a more sustainable, safer and reliable source of water for the whole community and avoid the risk of cross contamination of water bourne diseases. Boreholes are safe for all community members to use, both women and children can gain easy access to water, without the risk of accidents and deaths from wells. 
Boreholes can be drilled quickly and safely. A hand-dug open well can take weeks to dig, whereas a borehole can be drilled within 48 hours.