GE Healthcare is a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring, biomanufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies. GE Healthcare enables precision health in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services.

GE Healthcare is supplier of specialist diagnostic equipment and services to NMSI's healthcare projects.



TP Bennett is an award-winning independent architectural, design and planning practice, owned and managed in the UK and with a strong international presence.

Inquisitive, imaginative, individual, TP Bennett has been at the forefront of architecture and design for almost 100 years, offering cross sector expertise from a world-class team. TP Bennett are the master-planners and architects for NMSI projects.



Elementa are leaders in sustainable mechanical, electrical, plumbing design and advisory.

Elementa are widely recognised as innovators in mechanical and HVAC systems including the use of efficient outside air systems that eliminate reheat, radiant cooling systems and low-pressure drop systems; innovative electrical engineering solutions incorporating energy efficient lighting and intelligent power systems using the latest environmentally sound technologies; and integrated water solutions that balance complex water quality issues with current and future needs, supply and demand side management and cost.

Beyond energy efficiency, a pillar of Elementa’s practice philosophy is providing systems that deliver improved indoor air quality and comfort, concentrating on operative temperature, air movement, glare, lighting quality and balance, views, circadian health, and accoustic quality.


Suscon Construction is a solutions-focused specialist contractor and is the premier light steel fabrication company in Zambia.

Suscon specialises in modern construction systems to provide thermal concrete walling and roofing systems. Drawing on experience in the health, mining, oil and gas, agricultural sectors Suscon delivers a wide variety of innovative construction and fabrication solutions.



Campbell Reith is an award-winning independent multidisciplinary engineering practice, specialising in structural, civil, environmental, geotechnical and highways & transport consultancy services.

With experience covering a broad range of sectors: commercial, education, health, industrial, residential, regeneration, retail, defence, sport and leisure, Campbell Reith strives to bring engineering excellence and innovation to the communities where they work.



Thorn Lighting

Thorn manufactures and supplies dependable, efficient, high-quality lighting. Their extensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting is developed to address the needs of wholesalers, contractors, specifiers and end users, for the widest range of applications. The Thorn name is recognised throughout the world as standing for quality, reliability and ease of use.

Supported by 90 years of expertise, Thorn are proud to be known as a trusted partner, providing customers with invaluable insight and support beyond the product. They are also a Smart City specialist, helping municipalities improve safety and wellbeing through connectivity and intelligence. In indoor lighting, their innovative solutions create comfortable, efficient light for living and working. Thorn is proud to be a member of the Zumtobel Group.