NMSI has developed a culture of corporate social responsibility that reflects its work ethos. Working as part of an integrated system, NMSI and its employees and project partners have together delivered a number of successful CSR projects that leverage their skills and experience to delivering tangible benefits to local communities.

CSR Ayenyah

community Health centre expansion project

A team of NMSI volunteers designed, financed and delivered a much needed extension and upgrade to facilities at the local community health centre at Ayenyah in Dangme West District, Great Accra.

Situated 5 miles from the Dodowa Hospital site, Ayenyah’s health centre was in a poor state of repair and in need of renovation to meet its growing needs. NMSI raised funds and structured a comprehensive upgrade programme to deliver: new floors and furniture, medical and IT equipment, vaccine refrigeration, an extension for maternal/paediatric use (pictured, with Matt Jordan, Director of Construction; and Caroline Young, CSR Manager, in the foreground), as well as stocks of essential pharmaceuticals.

This project was made possible by the availability of surplus and off-cut building materials from site combined with the efforts and goodwill of our dedicated team of construction professionals.


Operated in partnership with GIZ, the German Federal Government international development agency, the aim of this €1.3 million preventive healthcare programme is to provide:

  • Access to information on preventive health in hospitals

  • Trained staff for consultation on preventative health measures

  • A bridge between traditional and modern medicine

  • Targeted information on high risks such as malaria,TB, HIV, and waterborne viral illnesses

The programme provides for:

  • Training for Community volunteers and Nurses from local communities

  • Community sensitisation programme delivered by trained staff

  • A screening programme (BMI/Hypertension/Blood sugar/Breast-screening/Nutrition)


Noyaa roof project

RENOVATION OF inner city primary school

NMSI led a team of employees and volunteers on a CSR project to renovate the Noyaa Academy in Jamestown, Accra, which provides basic education as a gateway into mainstream education for children who would otherwise not receive any formal education in one of the most deprived inner city areas in Africa.

The school’s roof had numerous holes meaning that, during the rainy season, classes were severely interrupted due to flooding, while the children’s school books and food were being destroyed. The roof was replaced; new guttering was added in order to channel run-off water and a concrete apron was constructed to divert surface water away from the building.

In December 2015, NMSI and CSR project partner British Airways sponsored a festive Christmas Dinner at school for the children.